Playing the Long Game…

Apr 23

Every day we set about seemingly doing “all the right things”, yet we find ourselves at the end of each day with little having been actually “accomplished” and what seems like “1,000 open tabs” on our emotional computer screens of life.

Example: wake up (late), kids, work (maybe), kids (again), grocery shopping (don’t get me started on the Extreme Sport that grocery shopping has turned into!), sanitizing the groceries after they do come, work again, family, self (nah)… rinse and repeat until the sun goes down and we turnaround to find ourselves exhausted with a trail of “best laid plans” scattered in pieces most often waiting to “try again tomorrow!”… where did the day go? Asking ourselves: “What Happened?” OK, time for a Netflix binge, 3, 2, 1- exhale!

That feeling you’ve been feeling… the one you can’t quite put your finger on that eludes you. It feels like exhaustion yet you’re likely sleeping more than ever. Some of us find we cannot sleep at all anymore. It’s an energy drain and you’re not alone. It’s like a low voltage taze from a taser, a constant “draw” of sorts from a battery that you didn’t know was hooked up and after weeks and weeks of chaotic “pull”, it’s finally caught up to us, BIG TIME! But don’t despair, you’re not alone and there’s definitely hope.

I recently found myself in this cycle and realized that many people I knew were also in some version of it as well.

We’re judging ourselves by the OLD way of “life as we know it”. Going to the grocery store, having our children in school all day, feeling the freedom to “hop a plane” in a moment’s notice has changed.

We’re playing the long game now and in order to WIN, we must change the strategy in which we play, as the rules have changed.

Playing the long game means paying a small price today to make tomorrows tomorrow easier!

We each must ask ourselves what this means to us and then act. For me, it meant creating a list of things I knew I had let “slip”. I had started to go to bed late, I was not taking good care of my body. I had a bunch of “projects” that now “loomed” unfinished over my head daily and weighed me down.

I set my mind on getting “Back to Basics”. Though my list is surprising simple and certainly nothing new, I’ve been practicing it for a few weeks now and feel like a new woman! I’ve mastered my time again, have a ton of energy, feel fabulous and focused!

Sharing this concept with my clients has been an “aha moment” for them as well. I believe you’ll find newfound freedom too.

Here’s my challenge: create a list of items that can simplify your life and take you “Back to Basics” each day. (See my list). Together we’ll RISE through this CAN-demic!


  • Wake Up 6 am
  • Work Out
  • Eat Well
  • Finish What I’ve Started
  • Show Up
  • Speak Out
  • Stand Up
  • Rise
  • Live BARE Principles
  • Love Self & Others
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Sleep Well
  • Take Action