Time is of the Essence… Intentionally Cultivate How You Spend Yours!

Aug 12

Congratulations, you’ve made it to August… rumor has it; it’s Level 8 in 2020. How are you feeling?

We can point to so much uncertainty in the world this year, yet- in some ways, I feel clearer than ever, and my mission is hyper-focused. As a CEO and Entrepreneur, I’ve rarely felt as crystal clear in my vision and commitment, and that part is thrilling as hell!

When I sat down to write this article, I asked myself what I attributed my clarity to and (among other things), I think it boils down to a few main points.

Control the things you can, try not to worry about the rest!

I think it’s easy to say in the early days of this pandemic, many of us felt a bit shell shocked. Was this really happening? How long would this last? How bad would it get?

Now that we’re nearing six months down the road, the only thing that seems to be sure is that “some form” of COVID is here to stay for the long haul, and the sooner we can get comfortable with flexing and pivoting, the easier the future will be.

What this looks like for our company and family is controlling the things we can and committing to letting go of the things we can’t. For our youngest son, who is a Sophomore this year, it meant pulling him out of his local high school and placing him in an independent studies program so we wouldn’t have to worry about the in-person/virtual school attendance debate. For our home and family, (as with many), this was going to be a deal breaker, so we removed the question. I didn’t want to have to “always wonder” what would be going on, and we were able to find an excellent alternative for him. Problem solved.

Time is of the essence… Intentionally cultivate how you spend yours!

As I think forward to the holidays, I think of my adult children and parents. This holiday more than any other may be extremely tricky to navigate, and I’m encouraging my clients to join me and consider their options earlier vs. later.

I have adult children, located in three different states, parents located in three as well, and we are also new grandparents this year. What’s a person to do? Well, thinking ahead and knowing the kind of holiday I want to create for myself as well as my loved ones keeps me filled with love and joy instead of stress and anxiety.

What this looks like is curating my holiday intentionally and taking steps to plan what I will do with and for my loved ones NOW, independent of what will happen in the world.

When we plan, it allows our minds to relax, exhale, and experience JOY! When we wait and see, or leave things up in the air, never knowing what may or may not happen… is when anxiety takes over! Our central nervous system becomes hijacked with adrenalin and cortisol, and we are blocked from our best “creative, problem-solving selves!”

I may not get a last-minute opportunity to fly somewhere because I played it safe, but I can assure you, the holidays around this place will be POPPIN and we have a holiday class that can help you do JUST THIS if you’re interested in joining us!

What could this look like for you? Are you typically in fight or flight? Have you been your best self? Are you able to be in control lately, or do you feel like you “blink” and days/weeks have passed you by, and you’re numbed out, burned out, checked out?

Now is the time to ask yourself these questions and more. Ask them without judgment and simply notice where you are. If you’re on you’re “A” game, bravo! If you feel you could make some improvements, be honest about the where and the why and, most of all, be KIND to yourself.

I’m not aware of any lasting change that was ever sustained through cruelty. I invite you to journal what you find, and across from those findings, note what would be the opposite and BEST outcome if you could overcome them.

Here’s the thing: I haven’t always been this woman. I’ve fought really hard to become her. If we’re having honest conversations, (and we are), decades ago, I lived in fight or flight and struggled with debilitating anxiety, and this is why the work I do is such an IMPORTANT and beautiful part of my heart!

You can change your life! You can ENJOY your life and your holiday! (I swear, it’s true!) It starts by taking the courage to ask yourself what YOU want and need.

I believe in you; it’s time you believed in yourself as well and lived Life…as you love it! Feel free to email me and let me know where you are in your journey! I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo~ Theresa

Theresa Pidcock Consulting helps people create freedom through changing lives, one individual at a time!