BOLD for Girls

Girls building confidence and self esteem, creating a healthy body image, and establishing positive habits that last a lifetime.

Think of what an entire generation of women look like who grew up knowing they mattered, they were valued, and Joy was prioritized.

They eat pleasure and power foods versus counting carbs, calories, and macros.

They move their bodies with love because they know it helps them process emotions and stress. They find something fun instead of creating transactional relationships of disordered eating and body displeasure.

Imagine what it’s like to live life undefined by the scale, but rather our happiness, courage, and healthy mindsets.

That's precisely what we are doing in BOLD.

The BOLD mission is to help girls feel strong, confident, and powerful.

We’re creating a generation of young women who are ready to stand tall, use their voices, advocate for themselves, go after their dreams, and make history!