Certifications and Sponsorships

Martha Beck (Life Coaching):

My life coaching certification is through, Dr. Martha Beck, who is a Harvard-educated, social scientist, best-selling author and veteran life coach to many influential people throughout the years, including Oprah Winfrey.

Dr. Beck regularly updates her methodologies in response to emerging research in Psychology, Neuroscience and even Quantum Mechanics.

She teaches her life coaches two objectives: 1) to help people create meaningful and joyful lives for themselves and 2) to use their skills to help others and generate change on a larger scale.

In many ways, life coaching bridges the gap between work and life. It offers the polish and shine to an individual that they often didn’t know they needed when they sought out a business, or executive coaching engagement. It also often allows the person being coached to address and overcome issues that have held them back from performing at their “highest potential”.

Scaling Up Coach:

My business/executive coaching certification is through Scaling Up. Scaling Up is an elite network of 150 coaches world-wide, founded by Verne Harnish, best-selling author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and founder of YEO, now known as Entrepreneur’s Organization. He chairs the “Birthing of Giants” leadership program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the MIT/WEO Advanced Business Program for entrepreneurs over 40.​

Scaling Up concentrates their IP on four main areas: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Over 70,000 firms around the globe have used their famous “One-Page Strategic Plan” to scale their companies successfully.

Scaling Up coaches have an astounding 2,000 combined years of cross-sector experience and represent tens of thousands of clients globally with a combined annual revenue of US $42 BILLION! *(*scalingup.com)

Business and executive coaching address the fundamental areas that many CEO’s and owner’s place in the “I don’t know, what I don’t know category” … They open their companies/practices because they’re good at, (fill in the blank- tech/dentistry/ortho/restoration/marketing /e-commerce), but they’re NOT great at leadership development, people, strategizing, role accountability, execution, cash, etc.

We dive into areas and expose what needs to “be seen” and work on how to grow the company to great heights when it may not be the “CEO/Owners” genius zone!

Protocol School of Washington/Corporate Etiquette & International Protocol Consultant Trainer:

In-depth learning on current behaviors and accepted practices in protocol and etiquette;

Intercultural sensitivity and understanding for today’s complex environments;

Training facilitation and presentation skills for imparting knowledge to others;

An understanding of how to assess organizational training needs to clearly outline learning objectives and expected outcomes

License to use PSOW’s copyrighted, professionally designed presenter manuals, PowerPoint slides, workbooks and briefings.

Teachable Seminars in the following areas: Outclass the Competition® (Business Etiquette & Dining Skills) | How to Succeed in the International Arena® | Dine Like a Diplomat® | The Power of Professional Presence | Business Protocol for Professionals

As we all know, civility and justice are sorely lacking in our world today. Many of our top companies struggle with what this means to them/how this affects them, both now and in the future. Introducing key concepts to teams and practicing etiquette and protocol on a regular basis gives companies an edge many don’t have in the “people” category which is usually our greatest expense and asset!

PSoW training is recognized by Fortune 500 corporations, federal and state governments, the armed services, associations, academia and private consultants.

EQi 2.0/EQ 360:

The EQ-i 2.0 is one of the most scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence instruments on the market today. It measures the interaction between a person and his/her environment, then presents results in both numerical and graphical form. The power of this instrument is in how the five Composite Scales and fifteen Subscales allow me to predict with amazing accuracy what behaviors a person is most likely to exhibit and to pinpoint the motivations behind their behavior.

​The Emotional Quotient 360 (EQ 360) is an emotional intelligence assessment that allows leaders to receive feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and others on how they leverage their emotional intelligence. It offers clear alignment with the EQ-i 2.0: automated set-up, condensed report output, enhanced report appearance, and detailed interpretation.

​Data shows us more and more each day that emotional intelligence is what gives us an edge over yesterday’s skills that were once thought to be all that was needed to be successful. Today we know that’s simply not the case. EQ helps me dive in and explore “what makes a person tick” and then teach them the “why behind their what”.

Growth Institute:

Master of Business Dynamics is an interactive online master’s degree program that helps you grow and scale businesses with less drama.

​Taught by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, it introduces students to the top business strategies that Fortune 500 companies use to grow exponentially. Students are certified in Hyper Sales Growth, Mastering New Methods of Marketing, Scaling for Higher Profits, Hiring Top Talent, Exponential Growth Strategies, and more.

​This application only program, is taught along with selected CEOs, top executives and entrepreneurs from around the world, by some of the most influential coaches and Thought Leaders of the modern business world like Jack Daly, Verne Harnish, David Meerman Scott, Dr. Brad Smart, Salim Ismail, Kaihan Krippendorff, and Daniel Marcos to name a few. Students learned how the Master of Business Dynamics Program helps grow and scale businesses, double cash flow, and 10x your valuation.

​The knowledge from the MBD packs a punch with 100+ contributing companies, in over 63+ countries, with 70 thought leaders and over 100+ online seminars to pull from!

​The MBD program is an amazing tool that I use to help my clients grow their companies bottom line because it really “hits” modern day issues that face entrepreneur’s today vs “yesterdays” business owners.

​It often answers the questions that they face when they are “so close” to finding answers that they can “taste it”, yet those answers can still elude them!

BARE/BOLD by Susan Hyatt:

Susan Hyatt is an Entrepreneur, Master Life & Business coach and Author. She has been featured on national TV and magazines like O: The Oprah Magazine, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s World. She recently delivered a TedTalk to a sold-out arena about ending toxic diet culture.​

BARE is a revolutionary life coaching credential that teaches women and girls to ditch diet culture and love themselves as they are!​

The BARE method is not a cleanse, a detox or a diet. It’s a total lifestyle change built on a foundation of self-love and a progression of steps that show you how to move throughout your day- and feel your feelings- without needing the “numbing”, protective shield overeating can provide.​

Once you finally drop the shield, you naturally learn to love your body. You can learn this method and teach it to others relatively quickly. Especially if you have the desire to learn and serve.​

BARE is very special to me. The average girl has “tried” her first diet by age 9. We give boys/men messages of “not-enoughness too” This must stop in our world!​

BARE is being re-written for young children as BOLD and coming out soon. Our world needs people, young and old to know that messages they may have received in their youth, from their families of origin or peers don’t have to be carried into self-destructive messages of adulthood. Sometimes these messages may have even been well intended and went “wrong along the way”, nevertheless, shame and baggage don’t have to weigh our spirit down. We can live our purpose now, as we are, not “when we’re skinny enough/worthy enough!” That time is NOW!

EO Austin (Sponsor):

For the 2nd year in a row, I am the exclusive coaching sponsor for EO Austin. EO Austin is a mega chapter of over 190 members in the Austin, Texas area.

International Coach Federation: (Member)

The International Coach Federation is the professional association of personal and business coaches that seeks to preserve the integrity of coaching around the globe.
Forbes Coaches Council: (Coach)

Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only organization comprised of leading business coaches and career coaches. I have been a member since 2018.