Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching and Business Consulting Services

Raise your hand if you are ready to show up in your life - FULLY!!!

When serving as an executive coach or business consultant for successful people and companies, my belief is that we all have the ability to reach our highest potential. 

My purpose is to help you and your team reach theirs.

Those goals you keep thinking about…
I have you covered on how to achieve them!
Those goals you have for your company…
I can help your team see them with fresh eyes and together we can
finally exceed the goal!

The skills you’re searching for to stay motivated, I know how you can find them.

Whether it be from my 12 years as a Regional Vice President of an advertising company with a $50M region or from my Master of Business Dynamics degree, I strive to change lives by growing people and companies. I will help you and your team implement successful strategies, improve your mindset, and get results in all areas of your business and life. I encourage inspiration for individuals at all levels of business to tap into their full potential while eliminating the overwhelm and chaos.

Through emotional intelligence skills coupled with accountability, you and your team will regain focus and get back on track. By simplifying your life and business, you will realize what is truly possible for your company. It is here that the magic really happens

I work with companies and individuals in three main capacities to empower them in business and personal goals:

Leadership/Executive Coaching:
  • Coach leaders on strategic communication, emotional intelligence, and people development.
  • Empower clients to define personal and career goals and develop strategies for fulfillment.
Performance Coaching:
  • Coach and consult with C-level, business professionals, and entrepreneurs on identifying  needs and gaps, defining strategies to address change, grow revenue, and solve problems.
  • Facilitate, develop, and improve training programs to address development needs and talent retention.
  • Create growth through facilitation of both group curriculum and 1:1 coaching, developing and executing strategy, team building, motivation, facilitating crucial conversations, and improving culture and mindset.
Business Consulting for Companies:
  • Support companies with identifying specialties, creating strategic plans, developing growth mindsets, sales techniques, and business and talent development.
  • Guide companies and talent within organizations in evolving their work and personal lives through helping them clarify and achieve goals.
  • Partner with various consulting firms to facilitate business training and coaching events in live and virtual settings.
  • Help companies and talent within organizations assess life situations, embrace discomfort, and commit to change to meet goals.

I believe all my clients are VIPs! I will be your coach, confidant, and ally as you identify and work towards your purpose and goals.

VIP Executive Coaching Package

Twenty-four, 50 minute sessions, scheduled bi-monthly.

VIP access to me between scheduled meetings “because life happens” while being respectful of the coach’s time.

An Emotional Intelligence assessment so we can identify your strengths as well as your gaps in understanding.

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