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Rise into your greatness

Theresa Pidcock is a sought-after Executive Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Expert who has worked with thousands of clients over the last 20 years. She leads with the philosophy that everyone embodies greatness inside, waiting to be unleashed — and the key to unlocking your greatness is understanding and harnessing your emotions.

Executive Coaching

I find meaning in helping people put the pieces back together.

Your problems are your problems, no matter who you are. Your title or status does not dictate how you are allowed or expected to feel about your circumstances or experiences.

I offer my clients an opportunity to come to the table exactly as they are, broken or whole, happy or sad, good day or bad, and we go from there. We start there, each and every time with no expectations.

How’s your quality of life? Are you where you want to be? I help my clients regain their edge and find their focus. They often find hope and joy along the way.

Many entrepreneurs spend countless hours risking everything they have to create and build the company of their dreams, realizing they achieve success, yet they’re the only ones with the “Midas” touch. They have big teams, yet it’s up to them to do much, if not all, of the “selling, leading, creating and relating”.

Many executives live their lives striving for that all important title, bonus, paycheck or degree and they achieve it only to find themselves in the corner office, looking around, realizing nothing may be “really wrong” but maybe nothing is “really right” either.

Maybe you’re the CEO/VP, you have all the resources and money yet no time. You’ve tried to find the perfect solution, but the team you have in place just “isn’t quite right” and you can’t put your finger on it. Your intuition says something is missing, but for all the things you’ve put into place, you’re still not where you need or want to be.

You’ve worked most of your career to build a legacy that feels like it could slip through your fingers and it keeps you up at night. You constantly wonder, “What’s the missing piece?”.

Having worked with clients in a wide range of industries, I am passionate in my belief that every member of any business has the potential to rise to greatness and realize a new spirit of growth.

Our programs elevate your strategy, leverage mindset, build relationships and get results. They encourage inspiration for individuals at all levels of your business to tap into their full talent, contributing to the company’s growth and success, while eliminating the drama and chaos.

In my work as a certified business and executive coach, I have seen what the value of communication, listening, and encouraging the leaders I work with can do. Also a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington and certified as a life coach by the internationally renowned Martha Beck Institute, I know what a big part “mindset” plays……. and I play to win.

I look for clients who are serious about changing their situations for the better. This is hard work. It takes commitment, determination, the ability to look at yourself with 20/20 vision (with help) and a desire to succeed…period! It can also be fun, rewarding and life changing. You work too hard for it not to be.

Other Ways to Work With Me

Life…as you love it. I will be your coach and confidant, as you identify your purpose and work towards your goals. Helping lead you into your next chapter. It’s go time!

For Women

Transform Your Body, Get More Energy, Feel Amazing and Become the Bravest, Most Unstoppable Version of You!

For Girls

Build confidence and self esteem, create healthy body image, and establish positive habits that last a lifetime.


Help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss.