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Combine EQ and IQ in the mind of a spitfire and you’ve got Theresa. Over the past several years working together, I’ve overcome the hardest challenges of my professional life, and I’ve done so with Theresa whispering in my ear the whole time. Some of her advice is soft and reassuring, and some of it is no bullshit get-off-your-ass and get things done straight talk. But it’s always been what I need.

P.K., CEO, Texas

Theresa is a GODSEND!!! Working with Theresa has been transformative to say the very least! She is an incredible mentor, and I’ve also had the genuine pleasure of working with her in person. I began working with her during a massive life transition (probably the biggest I’ll ever experience). She has been there for me in ways I can’t begin to describe. When I was at my lowest point, she came to me and helped me pick myself back up and get back to my true self. I owe much of my success to her helping me push through the tough times. She has become family in our time together. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me and look forward to our continued relationship.

A.S., Real Estate Industry

Theresa is truly one of those people where you think, “Where has she been my whole life?”. She has a vast amount of knowledge that she is so willing to share and teach. I came to get to know her over the course of a year-long engagement. We spent a lot of time together getting to understand each other and what we were needing as a company. She will give it to you straight! She does not back down from a challenge and will be right there with you at 1 am in the morning if that is what it takes. She is a true “people whisperer” and enjoys what she does SO much! I can’t think of a situation where she would not be able to offer assistance.

J.H., Chief Financial Officer, North Carolina

Theresa has been pivotal to the success and growth of my company over the past year. As my coach she helped me double my company in less than a year. She truly cares about your personal and professional growth. She pushed me and encouraged me when I needed it most. If you are looking for a Business or Executive Coach, Theresa is fantastic.

Pam Jordan, President, Pivot Business Group, North Carolina

You will know that you are ready to work with Theresa if you are hungry for growth, ready to bring up the numbers, and have no excuses. Theresa has saved me from making decisions in my business that would have cost me a lot of time and money. She is amazing at seeing the best path and propelling toward it. I work with Theresa because I love seeing my business grow in the right direction, and at the fastest speed possible. Thank you Theresa, for pushing me to grow and keep focused on the end result.

R.K., CEO, Utah

Theresa has a wide variety of genius skills and is a strategically savvy coach. In today’s world of hyper competition, data overwhelm, and less than perfect work/life balance opportunities, Theresa intuitively knows how to support executives and teams to turn down the static, and turn up the production & revenues! Having objective and experienced coaching partnerships in place has been invaluable to my company over the years, and I would recommend Theresa to any and all of my peers and associates. Thanks Theresa for all that you are, and for all that you do – God Bless!

Betsy Gordon, CEO, ELVS, L.L.C., Florida

Theresa is one of the brightest, most dynamic and effective corporate coaches and business leaders I know. When working with Theresa, you know with certainty that she is in your corner, with you every step of the way. She holds space for you when you are trying out new behaviors and stretching to move beyond your comfort zone. Recently, Theresa helped me with strategy and confidence when I was preparing for a sales meeting with a Global 500, Top 10 Company. I went into that meeting with confidence and belief in the value of my services. While Theresa is empathic she also fiercely holds you accountable to your potential. There is only one outcome when working with Theresa, success!

Ann Hoffman-Ruffner, Founder/CEO, Wayfinding Women, L.L.C., Ohio

I have known Theresa for four years through my work at the Santa Cruz County Office of Education OASIS Learning Center where I teach students concurrently enrolled at Cabrillo Community College. Theresa has been a collaborative learning leader in developing and delivering leadership and project management curriculum to students and staff.

Theresa is a dedicated, insightful, compassionate, innovative trainer who demonstrates research-based best practices in all elements of her diverse work as an instructional leader, and is equally effective working with individuals and groups. Her analysis of evaluation data has been invaluable in helping develop learning plans for students.

​Theresa’s enthusiasm, advocacy and expertise combine to make one of the most collaborative professionals I have had the privilege to work with. Her rapport with students, colleagues, stakeholders, and site leadership is inspiring. Theresa is an invaluable resource and an asset to an organization committed to excellence and servant leadership because of her planning and coordination skills.

Kelly Schwirzke, Ed.D., OASIS Academy, California

Theresa Hampson-Pidcock is a great leader and an amazing coach. She sees the future big picture and motivates her employees to get there by presenting them with a strategic vision that has their best interests as first priority. Theresa knows that the only sustainable way to win is by winning together.

She won’t accept excuses for poor performance and she will never turn down a request for help. Theresa is infectiously positive, innovative yet practical, leads by example, and sets a very high standard for consultative training, sales discovery, process-based sales methods, and results-oriented leadership.

It’s been my pleasure to closely observe Theresa for the past several years, as she worked with me in her role of Regional Vice President for the Coastal sales region, the largest in our company. Theresa’s infectious enthusiasm and superior commitment to excellence have truly inspired all who work for or with her, resulting in consistent achievement of superior sales results in a rapidly declining industry

and delivering the highest retention rates in the company. Theresa is a superb cheerleader, outstanding leader and manager, and an absolute pleasure to work with in any capacity. There is no task too great for this truly superlative sales executive!

Theresa is an accomplished leader with a high track record of success. Her entrepreneurial approach to business provided our organization with creative solutions to a highly competitive landscape. A true team player in every sense of the word and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I always appreciated her forthrightness and honesty in evaluating the best course of action for

the business. A true business partner and asset to the organization.

Theresa is a tremendous asset to any organization. She is a solid strategic thinker, has a common sense can-do approach to any problem or situation, is a very good trainer/presenter and has personality that draws people together. Theresa is a solution & results driven professional that I am proud to have worked with. She would be a value to any success driven company!

It is an honor to work with someone who so passionately advocates for her employees and their clients. Theresa’s relentless positive attitude and optimistic outlook are incredibly contagious and to hear her words of encouragement or advice on a daily basis makes every single one of her employees better at what they do.

I consider Theresa a true leader, and a friend. I have never seen such passion, drive to action, and deep understanding of market needs. Theresa’s enthusiasm and incredibly genuine desire to see myself and others succeed is something for which I will be forever grateful. I loved the hours we discussed and challenged each other on how to sell, what sells, and how to motivate a sales force to sell it. I would work again with Theresa anywhere, and any organization would be better for having her.

Rock Clum, President, House 2 Home Showcase, California

I met Theresa Pidcock in late 2014. We were introduced through a mutual friend who knew I was putting in for a promotion and suggested I should use Theresa’s coaching services to help prepare for the promotion interviews. I did not know what coaching was exactly about and was hesitant to talk with a stranger about my personal goals and concerns. I had always believed hard work spoke for itself and a part of me believed that was all that was needed to get promoted. Thankfully I listened to the nagging voice in my head which told me to meet with Theresa.

Upon first talking with Theresa I immediately found her to be very comforting and empowering to speak with. As our discussions continued I quickly realized Theresa is a skilled professional with highly developed leadership and people skills. Her insightful questions and great listening abilities helped me move quickly through some of my challenges. I greatly appreciated her candor and straight talk. Her ability to guide me to look at problems in several different ways helped me construct a variety of solutions to questions I anticipated would be presented in the promotional process.

In the past, I have had a difficult time articulating my multiple skill sets as I always felt like I came off as bragging. Theresa was able to pinpoint some of my hang-ups and empower me to own my strengths and present them in a light I was comfortable with. In our work together Theresa was able to guide me past some of my challenges and provide me with some objective insight I couldn’t have gotten from the workplace or from myself.

Theresa is a great coach and is committed to helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself. My time with Theresa has influenced my professional development and has built up my confidence and poise in dealing with management within my organization. I believe the work we have done together will continue to ensure my professional success throughout my career.

LSJ*, Law Enforcement, California

Theresa’s coaching has been invaluable for me both in my career and personal life. She is incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that help me see things from different perspectives, walks me through developing goals and then holds me accountable for achieving them. Through her, I have learned to identify my barriers and how to hone in on my strengths to conquer them. She is not only challenging and insightful but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. Theresa brings a rare combination of executive experience, life experience and coaching experience that is a perfect fit for any business leader or individual that wants to perform at a higher level. This, coupled with her unique perspectives and listening skills makes her the quintessential coach. I am forever grateful for the skills and concepts I am learning while working with her, they will be invaluable for the rest of my career.

RBD*, Management/Human Resources, California

Working with Theresa Pidcock has been an incredible blessing over the past year. Theresa started working with me to help me define myself professionally and gather the strength to make some crucial decisions around my business. She has continually been supportive and compassionate, yet amazingly adept at helping me focus and prioritize, identifying that which derails me from my path, and crystallizing what the next route in my “personal roadmap” should be. She is a great listener, and I appreciate her process of listening carefully, then asking free-of-judgment questions that call attention to underlying triggers and issues I would have otherwise ignored.

Additionally, she, a successful professional in her own right, offers “from-the-trenches” insight and experience that has truly helped her to empathize, and has helped me to trust her input. Additionally, I marvel at her ability to align her coaching to my immediate needs. When I needed business acumen to guide my decisions around new business ventures, or the occasional work “mishap,” she was able to provide it. When I needed more spiritual insight to address deeper, more emotional issues, she was able to provide it. When I needed to feel empowered in a meaningful, actionable way…she was able to provide it – in spades.

The bottom line is this – Theresa, with her intuition, patience and empathy, has helped me achieve small triumphs that help me evolve and grow, both personally and professionally and for that I am forever grateful.

DK*, President/ Marketing Agency, California

Theresa has been a huge asset to me. She is supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental. She does not tell me what I want to hear but does validate and always offers a fresh perspective. I do not seek to hear a specific response; what I seek is growth and one cannot grow if one is not ready to hear the truth. Theresa has a positive outlook and a genuine desire to see others succeed. She is not afraid to place others ahead of herself.

TA*, Event Planner, North Carolina

There are times in our life when our professional life and our personal life get in the way of each other. As a registered nurse my job is advocating for my patients but when it comes to advocating for myself I hit a wall even if advocating for myself means something positive for my career. Theresa provides the support and coaching that has enabled me to advocate for myself as strongly as I would for my patients. Her dedication and expertise have pushed my career to the next level.

SDB*, Registered Nurse, California

Coaching and Consulting clients have purposely been listed with either their full name or initials based on their level of comfort to protect their identity and honor the nature of the confidentiality of our work. I have included their position, career field and state in which they work for reference. Further detail on the references above or additional corporate references can joyfully be provided upon request.